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Thanks for your interest in joining our Docker Speaker Network. Joining the network makes it easier for you to find events to speak at and for event organisers to invite you to speak. Please fill out this short form to submit your application.

This page is useful for Meetup event organizers to hunt for the right speakers for their events. Docker speakers are those individuals who are willing to speak at events on the topics they are proficient in. Event organizers are encouraged to reach out to speakers to invite them to participate in events.

Registration is currently open to Docker Captains, Docker Community Leaders and Meetup organisers. It’s open to open source contributors, project maintainers and cross-community speakers too.

Speaker Guidelines

Speak at an event

To make your talk a success, we offer some guidelines. Please let the local Docker Community Leadership Team know of any other requirements you may have. We look forward to your talk.

Speak at a local chapter or university event and give concrete, first-hand examples which tell attendees about your Docker usage and challenges. By sharing your learnings, you can give attendees take-aways for using Docker to accomplish real tasks. You can also share your code and do a demo heavy deep-dive talk on what you have been able to transform with your use of the Docker stack. Entice your audience by going deeply technical and teach them how to do something they haven’t done.

To help us provide a safe environment for all our attendees and speakers, we have a community code of conduct. Please review the community code of conduct here.

What a Docker community event talk is:

Using Docker

Has Docker technology made you better at what you do? Is Docker EE an integral part of your company’s tech stack? Do you use Docker to do big things? Infuse your proposal with concrete, first-hand examples about your Docker usage, challenges and what you learned along the way, and inspire us on how to use Docker to accomplish real tasks.

Deep Dives

Propose code and demo heavy deep-dive sessions on what you have been able to transform with your use of Docker CE or EE. Entice your audience by going deeply technical and teach them how to do something they haven’t done.

Get specific

While you should submit a topic that is broad enough to cover a range of interests, talks usually run about 40 minutes, so don’t try to boil the ocean. Stay focused on content that support your take-aways so you can deliver a clear and compelling story.

What a Docker community event talk isn’t:

A Sales Pitch

Keep in mind this is a community event with attendees who are interested in learning, not hearing a sales pitch. It’s acceptable to mention your company’s product during a presentation but it should never be the focus of your talk.

Sharing contents that is not for public consumption

Do not discuss any topic that is confidential or proprietary. Our policy is that all presentations and discussions are public and can be freely disclosed with and among the attendees.

Make people uncomfortable

Avoid content which may make people uncomfortable, for example, jokes with sexual connotations.

Speak at an event

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