How to contribute to Get Involved Site

A Guide to contribute to this website

Community and participation are the backbone of Docker. Whether you’re technical or not, we welcome contributions from anyone around the world. This page is intended for people who want to contribute content sections of this website and who don’t use Git or GitHub often. This will help you get going with a GitHub repository, using either Git on CLI or the GitHub web user interface (UI).

Using the command line

Clone the repository

To start contributing you need to clone this repository. Use the following command that will also clone the submodules used.

git clone --recurse-submodules --depth 1

Running the website locally

Building and running the site locally requires a recent extended version of Hugo. You can find out more about how to install Hugo for your environment in our Getting started guide.

You need a recent extended version of Hugo to do local builds and preview the website. We recommend using version 0.75.0 or later. If you install from the release page, make sure to get the extended Hugo version. The extended versions support SCSS; you may need to scroll down the list of releases to see it.

For comprehensive Hugo documentation, see

Once you’ve made your working copy of the site repo, from the repo root folder, run:

hugo server


If you have not cloned this repository as suggested above, you may face the following error during the run:

➜ hugo server -D
Start building sites … 
Built in 1079 ms
Error: Error building site: "/home/get-involved/content/en/_index.html:7:1": failed to extract shortcode: template for shortcode "blocks/cover" not found

This is primarily because you have not yet cloned the submodules used in the repository. In order to fix the issue run the following command and retry:

git submodule update --init --recursive

Code reviews

All submissions, including submissions by project members, require review. We use GitHub pull requests for this purpose. Consult GitHub Help for more information on using pull requests.

Community Guidelines

This project follows Google’s Open Source Community Guidelines.

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