Connect and collaborate with your fellow Docker Captains

Mobilize is a way for you to connect and collaborate with your fellow Docker Captains. The Mobilize platform helps you stay updated on events, activities, and programs happening in the Docker Captains program. It is a useful tool for you to share ideas, best practices (and files) and communicate with the fellow Docker Captains.

The best part of all is that you will get all notifications straight to your inbox. Whether you’re replying to an event invite or another message, you can reply directly without leaving your email.

How do I join Mobilize?

If you haven’t already received an email invitation, please ping William and he get you set up with the Mobilize platform.

How do I contact other members?

In the main screen, go to the left column and click on “Members.” This is where you will see the directory of all the other Docker Captains and other community members who have registered on Mobilize. From there, you can filter, search for a country or a name, or even a city. Once you find the person you’d like to message, click on their name, and directly under their photo, click “send message.”

  • Direct Message - Ability to message a single member privately
  • Group Message - Ability to message the entire group or a selected group and share links to GitHub repositories etc.
  • Questions / Polls - Ability to ask for other member opinions and easily able to reply/comment on threads via email

Who can see my information from the registration form I fill out?

When you fill out the registration form, only Docker admin users can view your full profile of information. Other members cannot see your email address, phone number or mailing address. They can see your first and last name, city and country and Twitter handle. Other users do have the option to send you a direct message but you can unsubscribe from these messages.

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