Docker’s own events management platform (powered by Bevy)

We’ve chosen Bevy to provide innovative features for event organizers, including:

  • 2 way integration with (create your event in Bevy and it posts to your meetup page and RSVPs from your event on meetup sync with your Bevy page).

Note: The RSVP limits you set in Bevy do not translate to meetup. The best way to handle this is to keep a watchful eye on both platforms or communicate that seats are first come first serve.

  • Ability to check in guests.
  • Mobile App
  • RSVP as Guest
  • Forms / Surveys
  • Automatic Emails (customizable)

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1. What is the maximum number of users that can join event if it is hosted over Bevy Virtual?

Ans: The maximum number of attendees who can watch a live session is variable, averaging around 500

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2. Can I stream Bevy Virtual directly over the social media platform like YouTube and Twitter?

Ans: No, today it is not possible with Bevy Virtual. Bevy Labs have such capabilities with Bevy Virtual Conference which is a seperate product. Bevy Virtual and Bevy Conference are 2 separate products and are separately enabled on your Bevy Dashboard. Docker Community Leaders have just access to Bevy Virtual(and not for Bevy Conference)

With Bevy Conference, you can Livestream to FB, Twitch, YouTube, etc.(upto 4 services at the same time).

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3. Is it possible to stream Bevy Virtual LIVE under 720p?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to do Unlimited 720p HD Video Calls with Bevy Virtual.

4. Does Bevy Virtual support screen sharing and breakout Rooms?

Ans: Yes, both of these features are supported in Bevy Virtual.

5. Does Bevy Virtual support recording the session?

Ans: Ofcourse ! Once the event is completed, you can go to Wrap-Up section under the event and find the recordings.

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