Your Event Checklist

This is an event checklist for you in order to start planning your event.

Before the workshop

Step # Name of Objectives Status
1 Getting Familiar with Meetup Platform ☑️
2 Planning an Event Agenda ☑️
3 Setting up Event Registration Page ☑️
4 Sending confirmation email for workshop ☑️

During the workshop

Step # Name of Objectives Status
5 Conducting Attendee Survey ☑️

After the workshop

Step # Name of Objectives Status
6 Post-Event FollowUp ☑️
7 Community Leader Survey ☑️
8 Attendee Survey ☑️

Getting Familiar with Meetup

Docker community leaders uses Meetup ( tool to conduct virtual Meetup events. We’ve chosen Meetup to provide innovative features for event organizers, including:

  • Ability to check in guests.
  • Mobile App
  • RSVP as Guest
  • Automatic Emails (customizable)

For more information, please visit

Events | Analytics

Planning an Event Agenda

  • Your event must be posted on your city’s Chapter page
  • Try to create event 1 month before the event
  • If you are having issues with your page, do not have a page or need admin permissions please contact William over Docker community Slack or send email to william.quiviger(AT)

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