Community Leaders Program

A Brief about Community Leader’s Program

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The Community Leader program is designed to empower and support Community Leader with the necessary resources and event platform to plan, organise and host Docker events successfully. In the post-COVID world, we have specifically designed additional tools and resources to make it as simple and straightforward as possible to organise a virtual meetup.

Docker User Groups

Docker User Groups (also known as “Chapters”) are groups that bring together Docker users, newbies and enthusiasts around the world. Each group has at least one Community Leader to drive acitivitites (eg. virtual events, in-person meetups etc…). The Docker community is founded on principles of respect, inclusion, collaboration and opportunity. Our events are:

  • Free to attend and open to the public
  • Inclusive and encouraging of diversity
  • A forum for educational and inspirational content and discussions (not for sales or recruitment pitches)
  • Focused on Docker technology and the container ecosystem
  • A place to connect and meet with other members of the Docker community
  • In accordance with the Docker Community Code of Conduct

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Benefits of joining the program

Joining the Community Leader program offers the following benefits:

  • Identification as a Docker Community Leader
  • Add your community leader status to your LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub and let everyone know your role in the Docker community.
  • Docker-funded Chapter pages on and
  • Promotion of events on Docker social channels
  • Logo files + marketing materials
  • To be added: Link with logo files
  • Guidance on running successful user group events
  • Amazing network of inspiring community leaders
  • Access to the Docker Community Team


  • Be enthusiastic about Docker technology and committed to creating learning opportunities and building connections within your local community
  • Organize and execute a minimum of four events per year. Manage your events using your city’s user group page on
  • Note: Docker will provide content for four events but you are responsible for all event logistics and sponsorship. For events where you prepare content, prioritize education and accuracy.
  • Be a positive force in the Community. Set a good example and positively represent this group of amazing individuals.
  • Abide by the Docker Community Code of Conduct
  • Participate in the Community Leader program. Stay up to date, join the conversation, and make yourself available to communicate with the Docker team or other Community Leaders in a timely fashion.
  • Be considerate of your responsibilities. We understand this is a volunteer position and life sometimes leads us in a different direction. If you can’t fulfill the responsibilities, please notify us so we can help with a transition.

Note that the Docker Community Leader Program thrives when leaders are active and committed to the goal of bringing Docker knowledge, skills and connections to their cities.

Program benefits will be tied to the status of the group as well as the contribution of individual Community Leaders. Users groups that have not had an event in 6 months will be considered inactive. If a year goes by without an event, the user group may be deactivated. Benefits like swag and recognition as a Community Leader will be reserved for active Community Leaders in good standing. Violation of the Community Leader Requirements or Docker Code of Conduct may result in being removed from the program.

Become a Docker Community Leader today


Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Slack if you have any questions or feedback you want to share. If you’re in the Asia-Pacific zone, please reach out to Ajeet Raina on Slack (@ajeetraina) and if you’re anywhere else in the world, feel free to ping William Quiviger on Slack (@william).


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Duties & Responsibilites for Docker Community Leaders

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