Docker Community Book

A Docker Book built by the Community

The Docker community has gathered together to create a book called “The Docker Community Book”. This book is targeted at Beginners, intermediate as well as advanced users of Docker. It’s not owned by a single author or any publisher. It’s an open community book and dedicated to all Docker community members, contributors as well as community influencers.

Table of Contents


  • Who Should Read This Book?
  • Command line Examples
  • Q&A and Quizzes
  • Deep Dive & Architecture
  • Conventions Used in this book

Chap 1. Getting Started

  • What are containers & what are they used for?
  • What is Docker?
  • Difference between Docker & Container
  • Difference between Docker & Virtual Machine
  • Understanding Docker underlying technologies
  • Architecture of Docker
  • How do I install Docker
  • Running the first “Hello World” container

Chap 2.Installing, Upgrading, and Maintaining Docker

  • Installing Docker on Linux
    • Ubuntu
    • Debian
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    • CentOS
    • OpenSUSE
  • Alpine OS
  • Arch Linux
  • Installing Docker on Cloud
    • AWS
    • Google Cloud
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Digitalocean
  • Installing Docker on IoT
    • Raspberry Pi
    • NVIDIA Jetson Nano
    • Arduino
  • Installing Docker on Pinebook Pro
  • Installing Docker on NVIDIA Jetson Nano
  • Installing Docker Desktop for Mac
  • Installing Docker Desktop for Windows
  • Installing Docker on Windows Server

Chap 3. Understanding Docker components

  • Docker Client-Server architecture
  • Docker Daemon
  • What is a Docker Image?
  • Building Your Own Docker Image from Scratch
  • What is a Docker container?
  • Difference between Docker Image & Docker container
  • What is a Docker registry?
  • How to build a local private Docker registry?

Chap 4. Working with Docker Image and container

  • Listing the Docker images
  • Listing the Docker images by names and tags
  • Listing the full-length Docker Image IDs
  • Listing out the Docker images with filters
  • Saving Docker images and containers as tar files for sharing
  • Building your first Alpine images
  • Pushing the Docker image to DockerHub
  • Listing the Docker containers
  • Accessing the container shell
  • Executing a command in Docker container
  • Managing Docker containers

Chap 5. Introduction to Docker Hub

  • What is Docker Hub?
  • Installing the hub-CLI tool
  • Managing Your Docker Hub Account
  • Managing Your Docker Hub Org
  • Managing Your Personal Access Tokens
  • Managing Your Docker Hub Repositories
  • Managing Your Docker Hub Tags

Chap 6. Getting Started with Dockerfile

  • What is Dockerfile?
  • Understanding Layering Concept with Dockerfile
  • Installing GIT
  • ADD instruction
  • COPY instruction
  • CMD instruction
  • ENTRYPOINT instruction
  • WORKDIR instruction
  • RUN instruction
  • ARG instruction
  • ENV instruction
  • VOLUME instruction
  • EXPOSE instruction
  • DEL instruction
  • ONBUILD instruction
  • HEALTHCHECK instruction
  • SHELL instruction
  • Entrypoint Vs RUN
  • USER instruction
  • Writing Dockerfile with Hello Python Script Added

Chap 7. Docker networking

  • Introduction
  • How does Docker networking work?
  • Listing the Networks
  • Inspecting a Network
  • List network driver plugins
  • Docker Bridge Networking
  • Basics of Docker Bridge Networking
  • Connect a Docker container to bridge the network
  • Test Network Connectivity
  • Configure NAT for external connectivity
  • Overview of MACVLAN networking
  • Create an overlay network
  • Create a service
  • Test Service Discovery
  • Test Routing Mesh
  • Test standalone containersinOverlayNetwork

Chap 8. Docker Volume

  • Introduction to Docker volume
  • Creating a volume
  • Listing volumes
  • Managing volumes
  • Removing the volumes
  • Start a container with a volume
  • Use a volume with Docker Compose
  • Sharing volume mounts among multiple containers
  • Start service with Docker volume
  • Populate a volume using Docker container

Chap 9. Getting Started with Docker Compose

  • Introduction to Docker Compose
  • Dockerfile Vs Docker compose
  • How to Install Docker Compose?
    • version Command
    • help Command
    • Config Command
    • Build Command
    • Pull Command
    • Push Command
    • up Command
    • Images Command
    • ps Command
    • Stop Command
    • Start Command
    • Restart Command
    • pause Command
    • Unpause Command
    • Logs Command
    • Port Command
    • Run Command
    • Scale Command
    • Exec Command
    • Kill Command
    • Rm Command
    • Down Command
  • Create the first docker-compose file with Ngnix and MySQL
  • Use JSON instead of YAML compose file in Docker?
  • A Simple WordPress Application running on Single Node using Docker Compose

Chap 10 Getting Started with Docker Swarm

  • What is Docker Swarm
  • Docker Swarm: Terminology
  • Docker Services | Scaling | Draining Node | Rescheduling Containers
  • Creating Node Docker Swarm Cluster
  • Creating Overlay Network
  • Deploy Services
  • Inspecting Docker Swarm Service States
  • Scaling Docker Swarm Services
  • Deploy the application components as Docker services
  • Drain a node and reschedule the containers
  • Cleaning Up

Chap 11. Introduction to Docker Security

  • Introduction to Docker Content Trust
  • Pulling images by tag
  • Pulling images by digest
  • Docker Content Trust
  • Official Images
  • Extra for experts
  • Enable Docker Content Trust
  • Push & Sign an Image
  • Cleaning Up

Chap 12. Docker Secrets Management

  • Create a Secret
  • Manage Secrets
  • Access the secret within an app
  • Clean-up

Chap 13. Docker Network Security

  • Create an encrypted overlay network
  • List networks
  • Deploy a service
  • Clean-up

Chap 14. Docker Security Scanning

  • Create a private Hub repo
  • Pull an image
  • Tag and push an image
  • View scan results
  • Clean-up

Chap 15. Docker Swarm Mode Security

  • Create a new Swarm
  • Add a new Manager
  • Add a new Worker
  • Rotate Join Keys
  • View certificates
  • Rotate certificates

Chap 16. Using Docker Desktop

  • Running Nginx application on Docker Desktop
  • Running Kubernetes on Docker Desktop
  • Running Elastic Slack on Docker Desktop
  • Setting up Google Kubernetes Engine using Docker Desktop
  • Building a spring boot application using Docker Desktop
  • NFS volume sharing using Docker Desktop

Chap 17. Building Multi-architecture Docker Images using buildx

  • What is buildx?

Chap 18. Use cases of Docker

  • Building a WordPress application using Docker
  • Building a sample voting application using Docker
  • Building a CCTV camera using Docker on Raspberry Pi
  • Running a visualizer tool using Docker

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