List of Captain’s Resources - Briefings, CFP Schedules, Swim Lanes etc.

Getting Started (Private)

This repo includes more information on which platforms we use (and why!), where to ask questions and more.

Docker Captains Briefings (Private)

This repo contains links to all of the recorded briefings including videos, slides and relevant blog posts.

Swim Lanes for Docker Captains (Private)

The Swim Lanes are a guide to topics that are of interest to the Docker community. Check out this link to see how we are mangaing Captains content creation and speaking events.

CFP Schedule for Docker Captains (Private)

We update this sheet regularly with CFP opportunities for Docker Captains. If you see an event that is missing, please ping us and we can add it!

Docker Captains Code of Conduct (Private)

By becoming a member of this program, you agree to abide by the Code of Conduct. This is to ensure that the Captains are a respected, professional group that has a positive impact in the ecosystem. The Code of Conduct is not a comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts, but rather a living set of guidelines to follow that we will continue to refine as the program matures. You are responsible for keeping abreast of changes to this document.

Mobilize (Private)

Mobilize is a way for Captains to connect and collaborate with each other. The Mobilize platform helps you stay updated on events, activities, and programs happening in the Docker Captains program. It is a useful tool for you to share ideas, best practices (and files) and communicate with the fellow Docker Captains.

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