Projects maintained by Docker Captains
Topic Description
Node.js Good Defaults Default sample
Orbiter Easy to setup Docker Swarm autoscaler. It is a tiny golang application that you can deploy close your monitoring stack to handler autoscaling event
Dive Into Docker Video Course (paid course) Self-paced online course to learn and apply the Docker / Docker Compose fundamentals
Docker Mastery Video Course on Udemy (paid course) 8+ hours of Docker training on Docker cli, Compose, and Swarm
Docker Learning Path video courses on Pluralsight (paid courses) Over 15 hours of Docker and Kubernetes training
Docker Deep Dive book (paid book) Paperback and e-book constantly updated to keep it relevant
The Kubernetes Book (paid book) Paperback and e-book constantly updated to keep it relevant
Manifest Tool Tool for inspecting and creating “manifest lists” for multi-platform image capabilities in Docker v2.x registries
Bucketbench Performance/load testing tool using container lifecycle operations against popular container runtime components (containerd, runc, Docker/Moby engine)
Hyper-V Book (paid book) Hardcover and ebook about Microsoft Hyper-V containing 50 pages of introduction to Windows containers and Docker
Container Network Performance Tool Visibility of container network flows across Kubernetes and Docker Swarm nodes
La plateforme Docker (cours payant) Des vidéos, des articles, des exercices: depuis les bases de Docker jusqu’au déploiement sur Swarm
Docker in Action (paid book) Paperback and e-book covers container fundamentals and image production and distribution mechanisms. Clustering and multi-host related content (last few chapters) will be revised in 2nd ed
Docker Prometheus Stack A docker-compose starter stack for monitoring with cAdvisor, Prometheus, Grafana, and Node-Exporter
Awesome Docker List A curated list of Docker resources and projects
Using Docker Book published by O’Reilly describing how to use Docker to develop, test and deploy software
Image Wolf Tool that uses BitTorrent to rapidly deploy images onto clusters, increasing the speed at which updates can be rolled out
Integrando Docker a su infraestructura y servicios (curso pagado) Aprenda, utilice y adapte Docker desde cero. Despliegue sus servicios de forma rápida y segura utilizando Docker
Quoi d’neuf Docker (French spoken) Youtube channel focussing on Docker ecosystem
The Enterprise Path to Service Mesh Architectures Book published by O’Reilly helping answer common questions on service mesh architectures through the lens of a large enterprise
Docker Swarm Mastery Video Course on Udemy (paid course) 6+ hours of Docker Swarm training
Windows Docker Machine a Vagrant environment that let’s you explore Windows Docker containers on your Mac, Linux or Windows computer
Installing and Configuring Docker with Ansible An open source Ansible role to install / configure Docker and Docker Compose on Ubuntu and Debian based systems
Istio: Up and Running Istio is one of the fastest growing solutions for connecting, managing, and securing microservices
Meshery The multi-service mesh manager
swarm-cronjob Create jobs on a time-based schedule on Docker Swarm
Diun Receive notifications when an image is updated on a Docker registry

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